Genomics Program

The Joint Genomics Program is an OICR/UHN collaborative initiative that supports basic, translational, and clinical oncogenomics projects.

We offer CAP-accredited, ISO15189-compliant services for your clinical reporting and research needs.

Driving Innovation in Clinical Genomics

OICR Genomics accelerates clinical oncology research through partnerships that drive innovation in clinical genomics.

We prioritize clinical laboratory and computational capabilities to validate novel oncology assays with rich clinical annotation. We provide rapid targeted sequencing of clinical samples for application in precision medicine activities. We follow best practices through our ISO 15189-compliant Quality Management System.

Sequencing for Precision Medicine Research

The OICR Genomics Program is much more than a sequencing core facility.

We pride ourselves in being a technology platform that can help scientists solve biological problems from start to finish. We focus our capabilities in the area of human cancers, with proven success in generating reliable results from low input and/or low quality biospecimens.

Tailored Data Analysis Workflows

The Bioinformatics group is a dedicated team of bioinformatics analysts with access to a 6,200+ thread computational cluster.

We develop and utilize a variety of automated and semi-automated analysis workflows to fulfill every project’s unique needs. Quality control checks and analysis are performed specific to each project.

Our Expert Leaders

The Joint Genomics Program unites the resources and expertise of five departments at OICR and UHN.

Trevor Pugh, PhD

  • Joint Genomics Program, OICR

trevor.pugh at

Paul Krzyzanowski, PhD, MBA

  • Genome Research Platform, OICR

paul.krzyzanowski at

Morgan Taschuk, MSc

  • Genome Sequence Informatics (GSI), OICR

morgan.taschuk at

Troy Ketela, PhD

  • Princess Margaret Genomics Centre (PMGC)

troy.ketela at

Carolyn Ptak, PhD, PMP, CMQ/OE

  • Quality Assurance and Program Management, OICR

carolyn.ptak at

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